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Games to have fun & earn

Bored Candy City gives you access to mobile games directly in your IOS & Android devices where you can have fun & earn money at the same time

Our 1st game is already listed

You can already download our 1st mobile game directly on your phone

Download for IOS                                               Download for Android


4 Playing Modes

There are multiple ways to play and earn in Candy City game

Adventure Mode

If you only wish to play for fun you can do that and it will cost you nothing to clear the levels on the adventure mode

Betting Mode

If you wish to use your skills in puzzle solving to earn money you can bet against the UI and earn whenever you finish a level


You can test your skills against other players online, you both bet the same amount, winner takes all


At the end of every day your scores of the day are totalled and the top 10 scorers share the daily prize pot

More Games

We're looking to launch more mobile games where you can play and earn in the coming months

Get Ready to Enter the Candy Verse

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