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Bored Candy City

In our project, which offers a unique experience on the Cronos Network, we stand out with our games Candy City and Candy Melon. These games are the first and only crypto games on mobile platforms, bringing a fresh perspective to the Cronos world. We provide users with both an enjoyable gaming experience and the opportunity to earn our $CANDY crypto coin. You can either pass levels for free in Adventure Mode or turn your skills into money in Betting Mode. Additionally, by competing with other players in Multiplayer mode, you can win and be among the top 10 players who share the daily prize pool on the Leaderboard.

Candy City

Bored Candy City is a colorful and enchanting puzzle game. It offers a free option for those who just want to have fun with Adventure Mode. If you want to earn money using your skills, Betting Mode gives you that opportunity. Additionally, you can compete with other players online and win it all with the Multiplayer mode. The Leaderboard tallies your daily scores, allowing you to see your best performances and share in the prize pool. With its vibrant graphics and diverse game modes, Bored Candy City appeals to all age groups. Join the magical world of Candy City with Bored Candy City and embark on a fun adventure!


Candy Melon

Candy Melons is a colorful and addictive puzzle game. With various difficulty levels, it offers players a challenging yet enjoyable experience. Set in a vibrant melon-themed atmosphere adorned with captivating graphics, the game immerses you in its world. Filled with bonuses and power-ups, it allows players to experiment with different strategies. Compete with other players and aim for the highest scores on the online leaderboard. Candy Melons provides puzzle enthusiasts with a delightful and entertaining gaming experience.


Playing Mode

Adventure Mode

If you only wish to play for fun you can do that and it will cost you nothing to clear the levels on the adventure mode

Betting Mode

If you wish to use your skills in puzzle solving to earn money you can bet against the UI and earn whenever you finish a level


You can test your skills against other players online, you both bet the same amount, winner takes all

Play to earn our crypto

play for free to earn $CANDY and game powerups! 

Crypto withdrawal

withdraw your $Candy earnings to defi, thanks to our partnership with Altura

In game power-ups

Get in-game boosters/game-ups to aid you to victory 


At the end of every day your scores of the day are totalled and the top 10 scorers share the daily prize pot

Daily Free spin wheel

Get a free spin every 24hrs, spin and get chances to win exciting prizes


Bored Candy City NFT and Coin

$CANDY Coin serves as the cryptocurrency of Bored Candy City, operating on the Cronos Network. It's utilized for in-game transactions, offering players various advantages within the ecosystem. Additionally, it's integral in NFT transactions, forming a central part of the Bored Candy City ecosystem. Bored Candy City NFTs are unique digital assets within the platform, providing players with distinctive experiences in-game or within their digital collections. Inspired by the colorful and entertaining world of the game, these NFTs come with various features and are tradable among players. Both $CANDY Coin and Bored Candy City NFTs present players with unique opportunities, opening a door to explore the platform's exceptional universe.

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